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Senior Year - 1964/1965

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April 1965

Thu 1 Syncom 3, 1st geosynchronous communications satellite, passes from
Sat 3 1st atomic powered spacecraft (snap) launched
Mon 5 37th Academy Awards - My Fair Lady, Rex Harrison & J Andrews win
Mon 5 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
Mon 5 Lava Lamp Day celebrated
Tue 6 Intelsat 1 ("Early Bird") 1st commercial geosynchronous communications satellite
Fri 9 Mickey Mantle hits 1st indoor homerun
Fri 9 1st game at Astrodome, Houston beats Yankees 2-1 in exhibition
Fri 9 Beatles Ticket to Ride is released in UK
Fri 9 India & Pakistan engage in border fight
Sun 11 40 tornadoes strike US midwest killing 272 & injuring 5,000
Sun 11 Jack Nicklaus scores a record 271 in his 2nd Masters win
Tue 13 Beatles record Help
Tue 13 Lawrence Bradford Jr, 16 of NYC became 1st black congressional page
Wed 14 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
Fri 16 Test flight of heavy Saturn S-1C-rocket
Mon 19 Because of sun's glare, this causes the grass to die
Tue 20 People's Republic China offers North Vietnam military aid
Fri 23 Launch of 1st Soviet communications satellite
Tue 27 RC Duncan patents "Pampers" disposable diaper
Wed 28 Richard Helms replaces Marshall S Carter as deputy director of CIA
Wed 28 William F Raborn Jr replaces John A McCone as 7th head of CIA
Wed 28 Barbra Striesand stars on "My Name is Barbra" special on CBS
Wed 28 US marines invade Dominican Republic, stay until October 1966
Thu 29 Australian govt announces it would send troops to Vietnam
Thu 29  Earthquake hits Seattle; 5 die